Are you looking for resources to help add value to the women in your church who have voiced a desire to grow in their leadership influence?

We’ve created a small group curriculum designed to equip and encourage women in our faith communities!

A Message for Those in Ministry Leadership 

Are you ready to equip and empower the female leaders in your congregation? The women under your spiritual care need resources not just on the weekends, but during their Monday-to-Friday worklife, as well! Thrive Today! is designed to help your female leaders take the next step in their leadership journey.

As a pastor of over 30 years, I know that your church will benefit greatly by engaging and empowering the female population of your congregation. Kingdom expansion happens when female leaders are treated as assets, not liabilities. Let’s invest in them together!

Seek Community

One of our greatest needs as humans is community: we all desire to be connected and strengthened by like-minded believers. Many of these groups exist for Christian women…but so few develop their skills and abilities in their workplaces!

Thrive Discussion Series

The Thrive Today Discussion Series features volumes with 6 lessons each, designed to cultivate the character of Christ in women so that they can be the salt and light in their places of employment.

These volumes are easily amalgamated into every class format and small group platform, even virtual meeting spaces. In addition, leader toolkits and online training resources are included, for those who desire to start and lead a small group. Empower your members to take the initiative and grow their leadership capacity!

Thrive Today Community

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