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Resilience - Discussion Guide: It's Time to Get Up

You may feel battered and broken and on the sidelines, but there's good news. You're exactly where you need to be. We-as humans, as women, and as leaders-have a proud legacy of resilience. You are a part of that legacy. In Resilience, pastor, speaker, and author Colleen Rouse digs deep into the essence of what it is that allows us to recover from adversity, emerge triumphant from trials, and muscle through the darkness, loss, grief, and mire that is life. Inside you will find: 

Inspirational profiles of women throughout history who have overcome the greatest of odds.Stories of Biblical women and principles to apply to your life in relevant, accessible ways.A framework to help you choose resiliency and put it into practice daily Victory requires adversity. You can't win if there is no battle. You can't rise unless you begin at the bottom. It's time for you to reclaim the life God has created for you. It's time to get up and be resilient. 
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Resilience - Discussion Guide: It's Time to Get Up