Thrive Today Launches with Colleen Rouse


Welcome to the first episode of Thrive Today with Natlie Born and Colleen Rouse! A podcast for leadership directed to the feminine heart from a Biblical perspective. Our aim is to take women who are locked into Scripture and help them take the authority of God’s Word into the workplace.    

Author Colleen Rouse founded ThriveToday birthed from the support of John Maxwell’s Thrive initiative. She coaches leaders and speaks at churches and organizations across the world with her expertise on biblical truths for women in leadership.

Colleen co-pastored alongside her husband at Victory Church for over 30 years building a church of over 16,000 multicultural members with multiple church campuses and 140 nations represented. Colleen’s leadership skills have been instrumental in leading the Victory organization toward its success today.

Colleen advocates both locally and abroad in support of efforts to end human trafficking, working to help provide places of safe refuge for those who have been exploited. She also serves on the board of directors for Street Grace– an abolitionary non-profit aiming to end domestic sex trafficking.

When Colleen is not traveling and speaking, you’ll find her at home in Georgia writing and enjoying time with her family.

[00:01 – 02:48] Opening Segment

  • What is Thrive Today’s mission?
  • Who is Thrive Today for?

[02:49  – 07:01] Leading From a Biblical Perspective of Femininity

  • We need to see ourselves as the feminine expression of Jesus on Earth. 

[07:02 – 09:42] John Maxwell and the Origin of Thrive Today 

  • Colleen shares how John Maxwell passed the ‘Thrive’ initiative onto her

[09:43 – 12:33] Thrive Today’s Heart for Women Leaders

  • Colleen shares the 3 key words of Thrive Today
    • Leadership
    • Community
    • Strength

[12:34 – 15:06] The Difference Between Being a Strong Woman and a Woman of Strength

  • A woman of strength is someone who puts her primary emphasis of development on her Spirit
    • Learning how to be interdependent on God and aligning her Spirit with the Spirit of Grace.  

[15:07 – 19:38] Thrive Today is Designed to Champion Both Men and Women  

  • God put men and women together to take dominion over Earth 

[19:39 – 26:20] Closing Segment

  • Resources and content that Thrive Today has made available (Links below)
  • Final thoughts from Colleen and Natalie
  • Connect with Thrive Today! Links below

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