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Challenged to Become a Better Leader

"2017 was a year of professional growth for me and the Thrive group couldn't have come at a better time. The Thrive curriculum has challenged me to look at the qualities I should be developing in the work place and how to become a better leader. It was valuable to hear how women in a variety of roles and leadership positions have struggled or succeeded in their professions and how the characteristics of Mary could be applied. I thoroughly enjoyed our first study and look forward to what's next."
– Sarah Brown


A Heightened Perspective

"It's hard to imagine a more important woman in the history of the world than Mary, mother of Jesus. The study of Mary is one from which we can all benefit. I love the perspective of THRIVE. As we studied the characteristics of the woman God trusted to carry and raise His son to adulthood, I found myself challenged and encouraged by the Mother of Jesus. From the simple to the profound, with each characteristic we studied, my posture shifted and my desire heightened to become a woman that God would choose today to do His work, the work for which each of us was created."
– Elaine Samples


A Community of Like-Minded Women

It is great having a community of like-minded women, who are strong in their faith but also career-oriented. Although we work in different industries, it is interesting to see that we still face similar challenges in the workplace. Additionally, we are all working to be a light in a dark place, lead with integrity, and support and uplift our colleagues and/or direct reports. Our small group leader has acted as our mentor in providing Godly counsel on our work challenges but also encouragement on seizing opportunities. She has challenged us each to step up to the plate for leadership and growth.
– Jodi-Ann Wray


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