[Podcast] When it’s Too Soon to Say Too Late with Jamila Chambers


Jamila Chambers, a multifaceted business professional and minister with over 20 years of experience, shares her wisdom on trusting God’s promises and timing in life. Through personal experiences of waiting on God and relying on her daughter’s relentless faith in her parents’ promises, Jamila emphasizes the importance of patience and maturity in both family life and spiritual life. She uses the analogy of different kinds of vehicles to illustrate her point that we must stay focused on our own lane and trust that God will provide us with what he has promised us when we reach a certain level of maturity. This inspiring conversation will help listeners gain insight into the importance of understanding that it is God who determines each individual’s purpose in life, being willing to receive his promises, and being a good steward over their lives while allowing God to take care of his own timing.