[Podcast] Thrive Through Innovation with Colleen Rouse


Colleen Rouse, founding pastor of Victory Church in Atlanta and founder of Thrive Today explores how to tap into our creative genius, practice agility, and renew our minds. Colleen talks about how to find success at work by connecting God’s word to our own lives. Natalie and Colleen discuss the Thrive Today membership, which includes a quarterly box curation based on seasonal needs such as aromatherapy candles, nourishing hand cream, and Dr. Dave Martin’s book. They then turn their attention to innovation and creativity in order to pivot and create solutions when faced with difficult problems. The conversation further emphasizes the need to trust our imaginations as this is the space where the Holy Spirit speaks to us. They discuss Daniel 1, where four young men had 10 times more wisdom than anyone else in the land due to their willingness to fast and pray. Lastly, they encourage listeners not to dismiss themselves as innovators since it is their purpose to thrive in life through leadership, community, and strength.