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Are you ready to set your ideas on fire? Welcome to the Thrive Today podcast! Today, we are switching the seats. Hosted by the founder of Thrive Today and Victory Church, Colleen Rouse, we dive into the newest book of Thrive Today’s Media Host and Founder of Innovation Meets Leadership Natalie Born! In this episode, we dig into practical steps to writing a book such as carving out time, getting away from distractions, blogging, breaking down content into chapters and starting where you are. We discuss how failure should trigger learning and how creating an environment where people feel safe to take risks can help find innovative solutions. We also look at Natalie’s book which is full of frameworks, stories and artwork drawn by her daughter. Lastly, we explore her book study guide and masterclass which are designed to help people get their ideas off the ground, measure their progress and go deeper into concepts.

Tune in now for an inspiring reminder of the power of taking action no matter how scary it might seem!

Natalie Born is a Product and Innovation Consultant, Keynote Speaker and the Host of Innovation Meets Leadership podcast. She’s also the Author of the book “Set it on Fire: The Art of Innovation”.

Natalie has collaborated on two approved US patents and has over 15 years of experience leading product development, UI/UX, web development, and strategy and marketing teams. Natalie has worked with organizations such as CareerBuilder, First Data, IHG, and ADP, leading major initiatives in over 18 countries.

[00:00 – 14:04] Set it on Fire: Natalie’s Insights on Pursuing Dreams

  • Natalie shares her insights on challenging limiting thinking and unleashing the power of innovation and creativity in her book and discussions.
  • Natalie’s book aims to challenge limiting thinking and ignite innovation and creativity in everyone.
  • Natalie emphasizes the importance of handling failure and learning from it in the process of innovation.
  • Natalie’s book provides practical frameworks and tools, accompanied by a study guide and a masterclass, to help readers bring their ideas to life.

[14:04 – 22:28] Overcoming Fear, Pursuing Dreams, and Impacting Lives

  • Natalie hesitated to start her podcast due to fear and self-doubt, but stepping out led to unexpected blessings.
  • Obedience to God’s calling opens doors and connects us with opportunities we might miss otherwise.
  • God’s plans for us may involve using our expertise to impact and help others in unexpected ways.
  • Natalie’s story encourages listeners to identify their dreams, overcome obstacles, and take practical steps towards their goals.

[22:28 – 23:15] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Natalie
    • Final words

Connect with Natalie:

Natalie Born (LinkedIn)

Innovation Meets Leadership (Instagram)

Innovation Meets Leadership (Website)

Key Quotes:

“Innovation, creativity, and ingenuity live inside of each and every one of us just waiting to get out.” – Natalie Born

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