[Podcast] How to Write a book with Colleen Rouse


Step into a world where your creative visions take flight, where words weave magic, and stories leave their mark. Today we’re joined by Colleen Rouse, the founder of Thrive Today and the founding pastor of Victory Church. In this episode, we’re delving into the exciting world of writing a book and bringing your creative ideas to life. If you’ve been holding onto a manuscript or have a dream of sharing your insights with the world, this conversation is for you! Natalie and Colleen discuss the essence of creativity and how ideas are sparked from burdens and solutions, highlighting the importance of obedience in the creative process. They explore strategies to overcome hindrances, sharing practical advice for establishing a writing routine, staying motivated, and seeking accountability. Colleen reveals her personal process of transitioning from editing while writing to allowing the creative flow, emphasizing the importance of understanding the season of development for a book

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to start writing, remember that the time is now. Your creative ideas are valuable and can impact lives. 

[00:00 – 09:05] Obedience and Flow: The Writing Process

  • Colleen’s book ‘Resilience’ emerged from a burden to solve problems, leveraging faith and hope during pandemic challenges.
  • Obedience fuels the process; focus on stewarding ideas without self-critique. Set routines, align with creative rhythm, and embrace accountability.
  • Seek guidance, hire a coach, and engage accountability. Pain of not meeting goals can be a powerful motivator alongside positive incentive

[09:06 – 19:07] Outlining, Connecting, and Starting Your Writing Journey

  • Establish a template for your book to create a sense of structure and engagement. Use keywords and notes to guide content creation.
  • Focus on a specific person as your avatar rather than a broad audience. Personalize content, be transparent, and maintain a conversational tone for better connectivity.
  • Start writing without waiting for the perfect time. Test your material with your target audience for feedback and momentum in your writing journey.

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Key Quote:

“If you focus on just beginning, there’s never going to be the perfect time to begin… So start writing it down.” – Colleen Rouse

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