Your Performance Needs the Duet of Your Peace by Amy Balog

In 2008, I did the craziest thing: I left an established corporate career and, based on a raw and sheer passion for leadership and talent, launched ConnextionPoint. As we all remember, 2008 was not an ideal year. In the early days of my practice, I was onboarding clients pressed into all corners of their life and leadership. Burn-out, elusive life balance, and wellness were burgeoning topics, yet none of that seemed to slow the rocket booster pace in work climates.  

Great coaching involves helping leaders embrace their whole selves. This is easier said than done in today’s organizational environments. Even before the realities of a COVID-riddled world, leading in an organization of any size challenges the best of us. With the extraordinary forces of scale and speed, organizations have become more transient (executive team turnover) and transactional (work becoming increasingly task-heavy and fractionalized in nature). The result for leaders was not just exhaustion, but a struggle to appreciate their whole selves in a big part of life: at work. As this environment bled into leaders, a deeper, more profound, more negative impact occurred: hard-working leaders placed their identity and worth fully into the performance of their jobs. This created a necessity for the foundational focus of ConnextionPoint, which is helping my clients understand the power of true inner peace as the fuel to their performance – as I say, peace over performance

I am asked about this phrase, peace over performance – what does it imply? And why say peace over performance? Does this mean that performance isn’t important? 

First, let me say this: performance is a good thing. In the strides of performance, we experience life-giving energy in wins, and we build confidence in our God-given gifts and talents. Performance creates valuable momentum personally and for those we lead and love. Yet our performance needs the fuel – the duet – of our peace, now more than ever.   

When I speak of peace, I am referring to the inner peace Jesus speaks of in John 14:27: “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give you.” We rarely consider Christ’s peace within the same vicinity as our performance. Many of us learned to survive in a world which has become increasingly competitive, volatile, and divided. Working diligently to meet our commitments in our careers and as leaders at work and at home, we hone our ability to operate with a hyper-focus on performance – sometimes at great personal and spiritual cost. Without realizing it, we allow the demands of the environment around us to envelop our view of our worth and to tax our faith. We live and work in our performance, without the fuel of God’s peace. 

Stay with me in future pages of Thrive Today! Magazine to explore this pathway of peace over performance. Our performance wholly changes as we accept this great peace offering planted in us. It’s in this peace that our Creator’s duet plays out with our lives… and changes everything. 

This article was extracted from the premier issue of Thrive Magazine (Spring 2021). Learn how to get your copy of Thrive Magazine by visiting us here.