A new way to approach fitness and leadership by Andrew Momon

Every year, without fail, gyms and fitness centers all around the world eagerly anticipate the turning of the calendar from December 31st to January 1st. Why? In general, everyone in this industry knows that January 1st marks the beginning of a “new” fitness journey especially for those encouraged to do so vis a New Year’s resolutions and fitness goals. I’m sure, you’ve been a part of this seemingly never-ending trend.

We all have areas of either leadership, fitness, or both that require new levels of interrogation, introspective, innovation, discipline, and daily commitments which have the power to transform the beginning of our “New Year.” They can also be the fuel needed to ignite our commitment to a new day that displays a new version of us which impacts everyone and every environment we are connected and called to.  

LEADERFIT, undoubtedly, is about leadership. However, it’s not focused on or presented in the traditional way. I frame it as such because my experiences within the subject of leadership over the last 20 years have often approached or presented it more so from the vantage point of how to move and influence people focused on rallying them around a common cause, goal, objective, or outcome. While this is a very crucial component of leadership, I have always been a bit more drawn to facets of leadership, personal development, and self-discipline articles, books, and podcasts that examines the internal thinking processes, traits, habits, skill sets, the personality profiles, and leadership attributes of those who sit in high-level leadership seats and places of influence, authority, and decision-making. 

While there are many common attributes, characteristics, and methods that successful leaders embody, I believe the most important attribute is the ability to understand and know how they think. It fascinates me to get into the behind-the-scenes strategic development and thinking of leaders which always seems to shed light on their decision-making as well as the mindset they possess (usually developed over time) that shapes the who, what, when, where, and why of their leadership. To me, this type of innovative thinking is what separates the greatest leaders, athletes, business minds, politicians, and top-notch professionals in any field from the rest of those running in the proverbial leadership pack. It’s the mindset of a leader coupled with the “mantle” of a leader that I believe must be one of the most important things to consider when evaluating and measuring the long-term effectiveness of leaders today. In effect, while anyone can run and win a 50-yard dash, how does this leader perform and maintain pace in the 5ks of life?

Mindset Matters

I personally believe that the quality that we produce in both leadership, fitness, and ultimately our lives, starts and finishes with our mindset. What is our mindset? Simply stated, it’s a combination of what and how you think about what you want to accomplish. I also believe that our mindsets play a significant role in how we view both leadership and fitness. If we closely associate the two and understand their interconnectedness and the ways in which they are intertwined as a lifestyle methodology, then we would all see ourselves improve in our overall productivity in life.  However, if they remain disassociated and are pitted as a zero-sum game of one versus the other, we don’t necessarily see the compounded benefits and productivity of them working in tandem to improve our overall days, weeks, months, years, and life.

Begin Again: LEADERFIT

One of the realities I live by is that every day is pregnant with an opportunity to press restart and begin again. Not only does everyday present new opportunities, I believe every moment we have in life presents a fresh start. For me, it’s a fresh start to begin to realize the potential that is seeded deep within each and every one of us. It was in one of these begin again moments that I got hit with the powerful impact impression about LEADERFIT and how we must practice fusing the concept of Leadership and Fitness together to become all that God has created and called us to be in every area of life, leadership, and in the legacies, we leave. I believe we will all have latent potential within us that is waiting to be realized. The challenge and/or question we have to ask ourselves is if we possess the leadership tools and insight as well as the endurance needed day-to-day to carry out the necessary steps required of us to realize that potential. I want us to do what it takes mentally, physically, and spiritually to become LEADERFIT.

To become LEADERFIT a mindset shift must take place within you. I want to emphasize a mindset shift because desire alone will not cause you to master the discipline and dying to self that will be needed to walk this out. There are a few things required of this new mindset shift.  First, you will have to shift from fitness being something you want to attain to fitness becoming an attribute you embody. What do I mean? My experiences have taught me that there is a major difference between wanting to attain fitness as a goal versus fitness being who you are! To embody fitness means that you are no longer looking at becoming fit as a goal with a definitive end. You must begin to see fitness as a continuous process of self-discovery and improvement that teaches you something about yourself and your leadership, lifestyle, and self-discipline. In embracing this mindset, I believe you begin to look at everything in life through a different lens or filter. You begin to develop a contagious mindset committed to the lifestyle of health, fitness, and leadership where you don’t just look the part, you live it out! You may find yourself saying things like “I am going to represent fitness today.” As you put your feet on the ground each morning with your newly developed LEADERFIT mindset, I want you to affirm your commitment to change by declaring this affirmation over yourself.


“I am equipped, suitable, and prepared to accomplish my goals for today. I carry within me the ability to be productive and my productivity will influence those I encounter today to be productive.” Today, I show up as my best self, leading, serving, and producing my best efforts, my best thoughts, my best actions, and my best self. Today, I am LEADERFIT and everything I do and say will reflect my commitment to physical, mental, and spiritual disciple, self-actualization, and excellence!”


In order for fitness to become a lived mindset and lifestyle, you must do what everyone who looks to enhance their fitness levels must do. You have to start where you find yourself. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are no shortcuts, get fit quick schemes, or build muscle mass protein shakes you can take. You have to put in the work! Let me say it again. In order for fitness to become an active mindset, there isn’t a supernatural osmosis promise that happens.

What this means is that you must take a moment and soberly assess your current state of Fitness.  You must ask yourself the following foundational questions:

  • What do I need to change?
  • Where do I need to grow?
  • What do I need to know?
  • Who can help me get there?
  • What is my current level of discipline, endurance, focus, and commitment to seeing my goals through to completion?

For me, the last question is one of the most crucial ones of all as we commit to improving our leadership and fitness goals. To reach lasting and successful leadership and fitness, tremendous levels of discipline, endurance, focus, and commitment are required when you feel like it and even more so when you aren’t motivated or just aren’t feeling it at all. 

This article was extracted from issue 2 of Thrive Today! Magazine (Summer 2021). Learn how to get your copy of Thrive Magazine by visiting us here.