Small Groups

Take the Lead

Use your influence to inspire other women in their search for significance. Begin a Thrive Today small group.


Promo Material

To help you and your church promote Thrive Today more effectively, we have done some of the heavy lifting for you. Below is a link to content that can be edited and used to promote your group, or to communicate with your congregation.

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Small Group TRAINING

Building a strong small group with Thrive Today content.

The Discussion Series were designed with small groups in mind. Before you begin, hear the heart of Thrive Today Founder, Colleen Rouse, regarding small groups.

Small Group TRAINING

Setting Goals

Six main goals to keep in mind as you lead your group through the Discussion Series.

Small Group TRAINING

Rules of Engagement

Gain insight on setting expectations and building trust within your groups.

Small Group TRAINING

Online Groups

Pastor Colleen shares best practices for bringing women together with a shared interest online and in-person.


Small Group Covenant

To ensure a meaningful and successful group experience, groups should​ begin with clear values. Therefore, group leaders should communicate expectations and commitments for participants to agree to and sign. Thrive Today is neither a networking opportunity to sell your product or grow your business.

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