Introducing Thrive Today Discussion Series

Self-reflection and prayer are the birthplace of innovation and change. It's time to expand your influence as you grow in faith. Discover premium biblically sourced content to grow personally and professionally.

New: Discussion Series

In the Moment

In just a moment a career can be derailed or advanced. We've witnessed this sobering reality in recent days. This new discussion series explores the life of Esther and her ability to capitalize on strategic opportunities and use them in her favor. How do we respond to individuals who desire to parade our gifts and talents for their own benefit? How do we navigate dealing with the jealousy of a co-worker? It's time to seize the moment.

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Discussion Series

The Big Idea

The primary goal of our Thrive Today Discussion Series is to help women identify the authority of Scripture and connect it with their success in the marketplace. Each series contains personal and professional development content, discussion questions, key scriptures and action steps.

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small groups

The Discussion Series is designed ideally for small groups.

Learn how to set up your group and discover best practices. It's time to dive in and grow personally and professionally with other women of faith.

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So many new things are happening. We’ve just launched our very first Discussion Series, went live with our new website, and have more empowering content on its way.

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