What it looks like when the Church Empowers Women in the Workplace

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“Leadership is influence and women you have the head start because you’re relational. Thrive Today is going to help you gain the influence you need.”

John Maxwell
Small Groups

Making Groups Easy

For far too long, women have not been given the proper resources and connections to further their success in the workplace. Now is your chance to TAKE THE LEAD and start a small group with our Thrive Today Discussion Series. Our hope is to equip you with everything you need to lead well. When you begin a Thrive Today small group, you are offered exclusive leadership video training from Colleen Rouse, as well as, additional resources for your group. Many women have already begun small groups in their homes, workplaces, and online. We have received incredible testimonies of how this small group series has helped women discover the authority of scripture and grow their professional influence.


Promo Material

To help you and your church promote Thrive Today more effectively, we have done some of the heavy lifting for you. Below is a link to content that can be edited and used to promote your group, or to communicate with your congregation.

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Meet Colleen Rouse

Founder + Director

Meet Founder + Director Colleen Rouse. As an executive in Corporate America, and co-leader of a thriving multicultural church community for over 30 years, Colleen Rouse founded Thrive Today. She realized there were many women in high level positions who carried great responsibilities, yet lacked the necessary support...

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Discussion Series

In the Moment

In just a matter of moments a career can be derailed or advanced. We've witnessed this sobering reality in recent days. This new discussion series In the Moment explores the life of Esther–allowing us to discover how she was able to capitalize on strategic opportunities and use them in her favor...

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Discussion Series

The Big Idea

The primary goal of our Thrive Today Discussion Series is to help women identify the authority of Scripture and connect it with their success in the marketplace. Each series contains personal and professional development content, discussion questions, key scriptures and action steps.

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