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Get Back Up

Picking up the pins of life by Deborah Stricklin My oldest granddaughter Joanna is two years old, and she often comes over to my house to play. When she arrives, we go immediately to the toy closet together and retrieve her many toys so we can spread everything out on …

[Podcast] Evolving as a Coach with Moren Adenubi

In this episode, we sit down with Moren Adenubi who shares her story of change. She talks about her experience of being coached and acknowledging parts of herself that she would otherwise be unaware of. She also reflects on her life-altering cancer diagnosis and how she shifted her beliefs and …

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Long Live the Leader

Have you given much consideration to what will build your endurance as a leader? We focus intently on the efficacy of our leadership, but how much forward-thinking is given to the longevity of our leadership? This is usually brought to our attention when we find ourselves dealing with burnout. The topic of burnout is being widely discussed in many circles today. Long before society addressed this issue, the Bible offered insight that surpasses the wisdom anyone else has to offer.

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Live Your Dream

One of the most popular areas of life people seek advice in, yet very rarely follow the counsel they receive, is in the subject of personal finance. It amazes me that with all the education available to us, most of us never learn how to properly and responsibly handle money.

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Evolving as a Coach

I truly believe that my debt to the world is to glorify God by becoming the best version of myself that I can be. One of my favorite sayings puts it best: “Many people do not grow up; they just get older!” This is truly a tragedy. We are born with the raw materials that we need to cultivate and develop into the light that is to shine in this world. Our experiences, resources and relationships should help shape us into better human beings.

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Become Good at Leading Yourself

By John Maxwell What has been your greatest challenge as a leader? Your mind may go to a season of struggle for your organization, a particularly difficult problem you had to deal with, or a person who betrayed you or caused your team to fail. But if you’re really gut-level …

[Podcast] Social Media and Influence with Kathleen Cooke

In this episode, we sit down with Kathleen Cooke to discuss living in a world of constant media interruptions, how we can intuitively use media to connect and witness to others, what our posting should focus on, and so much more!

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Visualize Your Dream

3 processes that lead to great achievements by Dave Martin Whether they consciously think about it or not, all the world’s great achievers walk through three stages of dreaming. They start by imagining their dreams, then they visualize their dreams and finally they plan their dreams. Imagination All dreams begin …

[Podcast] Designed to Lead with Beth Jones

In this episode, we sit down with Beth Jones to discuss how she knew she was designed to lead. We’ll discuss female biblical leaders, the common obstacles female leaders in today’s church and society face, and her advice to leaders looking forward.

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The Power of a Coach

Imagine you were an athlete preparing for the Olympics. Would you dare attempt such a challenge without a coach? Probably not. Well the same is true for life.