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Colleen Rouse discusses Thrive Today with John Maxwell. It's time to speak directly to woman of faith in the marketplace.

Founder + Director

Colleen Rouse

As an executive in Corporate America, Colleen Rouse realized there were many women in high level positions who carried a lot of responsibility yet lacked the necessary support they needed to continue advancing in their careers. She identified with this herself and began to feel the need to make a difference.


Thrive Today and John Maxwell

Over the years Colleen was very grateful to have received impactful leadership material from John Maxwell, and she wanted to reach back and make the same impact and more for other women. She knew without a doubt that assignment was hers to implement. She felt compelled, called by God, to create a platform to engage professional women of faith to address the issue. The name "thrive" was heavily on her mind and heart. Her passion coincided with John's desire to have someone build on his Thrive initiative to instill value and teach women leadership principles, and Thrive Today was born.


Women in the marketplace

Knowing that many available sources for professional development do not stem from a biblical worldview, Colleen established Thrive Today to empower women in the marketplace to grow in both faith and influence. Her primary goal is to help women identify the authority of Scripture and connect it with their success in the marketplace — to serve as a voice of clarity, hope and encouragement.


Leading in the marketplace

A Co-Lead Pastor, communicator, health advocate and abolitionist, Colleen W. Rouse leads alongside her husband and Senior Pastor, Dennis Rouse, at Victory World Church in Norcross, GA, which they began in 1990. Today, it is known as one of the largest multicultural churches in America with more than 16,000 members from over 140 countries, with local and international outreach that impacts nations. Colleen speaks locally and around the world in places such as Israel, Nicaragua and Cuba on health and healing, spiritual gifts and women’s issues. With Thrive Today, she has expanded her sphere of impact with emphasis on marketplace women of today.


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